#25 Go to a fancy afternoon tea

Twitter. What a fantastic place to meet people, find out what’s happening in the world and to make arrangements. Twitter was where I first heard about the  #LDNBloggersTea, and knowing I still had this to tick off my list (as well as having the chance to meet some amazing bloggers) I decided to join. One of the hottest days of the year (so far) saw me rock up at the Milestone Hotel in Kensington. The nervous thoughts of “oh no, will I talk to anyone” or even worse “will anyone actually want to talk to me” was quickly put to rest as I sat next to Jade and Danielle, who along with the rest of the table made sure that conversation flowed. I think it helped that the glass of bubbles was brought out first…


Tea was on offer but disappointingly there were only two types on offer. After seeing their menu, I had had my heart set on a flowering tea my friend raved about. Maybe next time. The food arrived shortly after.  Being vegetarian, I had prepared myself for only getting the normal egg and cress, cucumber and cream cheese, and tomato and cheese. I do admit I was presently surprised with the addition of a humus and aubergine sandwich as well as an avocado one. The scones were nothing to rave home about. Imagine the horror at only getting one pot of cream on the table. Of course we needed more!


The more cream the merrier really.

The sweet stuff was a little disappointing, mainly because the amount they gave of each was limited so if you weren’t quick enough you missed out.


What I did eat was delicious and by the end was very full.

I had a great time meeting new people as well as seeing a few people I hadn’t seen for a while and here’s hoping I’m still around for the next one.



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