#9 Sleep under the stars

In terms of crossing this one off my list, I didn’t think it would happen but thanks to a rather persistent brother I managed it.

It was a dark and rainy morning, as we set off for Cornwall. Bags packed, we began the long (damn you bank holiday weekend!) journey to the South West. I think I spent most of the journey asleep, bar the coffee and toilet break in which case I was the first one out of the car.


Not even the never ending drizzle.. and a lighter that didn’t work!

When we finally arrived, the rain all hadn’t let up but we were determined to have a bbq and nothing was going to stop us.

The tent was definitely large enough for all four of us, and in the spirit of glamping came with a tealight chandelier and roll out mattresses.


Would definitely do it again!

Despite the rain continuing throughout the night, we managed a dry one.. Until we had to step outside the next morning and it was still pouring down. But that wasn’t going to stop us and off we went.

Beach in Newquay in one of the rare moments when there was no rain.

Beach in Newquay in one of the rare moments when there was no rain.

First stop was Newquay, which even though we only spent an hour there, at 10am in the morning, had the remnants of stag and hen dos from the night before. Breakfast was good though.. £6.50 for a full English and…

A cappuccino you just didn't want to ruin

A cappuccino you just didn’t want to ruin

Next was off to St Ives where the rain decided to spoil our fun. I can imagine that in the sun it would be amazing here, and during the short time we had where it wasn’t raining, the beach looked pretty appealing. We did have the token fish and chips (or just chips in my case), followed by a scone  saved for later (but had the Cornish way of course!)


By this time, it was staring to get a bit late so we decided we’d make one last stop.. but before we did that we had to see one of the biggest draw cards for me in Cornwall

St Michaels Mount

St Michael’s Mount

We didn’t walk to it (the tide was high) and  I admit I was a bit disappointed at having to see it from so far away, but I didn’t really mind. It was a rather full on day with all the travelling.. and we still had our last stop


That’s my brother

Lizards point. The most south point of Mainland England. The wind was freezing but at least we could say we had been there.

We then started the journey back to our tent, stopping off for a carvery dinner. It was a warmer night, with no rain (of course the night we decided not to have a bbq) and the rain continued to hold off till morning, when we decided it was time to end our trip and head back home… It didn’t take as long this time!



5 thoughts on “#9 Sleep under the stars

  1. Jade says:

    Awesome! I keep tossing up the idea of going camping but the weather is so bloody unreliable here! You’ve inspired me to just do it!

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