And so it ends… part 2

#24. Take 6 photos of Ad and I to turn into Canvas… (Completed 14/2/14)

This one took a bit of a different turn then I was thinking initially, but I was pleased with the result and still have grand plans to stick up photos of our time in Europe (maybe not only of the two of us) when we get home.

#23. Attempt to see the Northern Lights…  (Crossed off 21/2/14)

So TLDR I didn’t get to see the Northern Lights but I did get to explore a beautiful country in my attempt to.

#4. Visit 5 new countries… (Completed 23/02/14)

Or 6 in my case. But each of them have been an experience, and I’m glad I had the chance to visit each one, even if I wasn’t completely enthralled (here’s looking at you Portugal) but I did have one of the most amazing Christmases ever (United States of America) See some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever witnessed (Slovenia…Especially Lake Bled) Took a family road trip (Iceland), tried to see a whole city in one day (Sweden) And experienced sweet treats and boat rides in Turkey… There was also the odd trip to Gibraltar complete with door opening monkeys, a dolphin spotting trip and a hike to a lighthouse.

#23 Go to a West End Show… (Completed 18/3/14)

Or 3. So far I’ve got to see War Horse, Mama Mia! and The  Lion King. On a side note I did also go to the filming of the Graham Norton show. Missed out on Channing Tatum by one week!

#25. Go to a fancy afternoon tea… (Completed 1/5/14)

Your parents always warned you about meeting with strangers especially off the internet but this was exactly how I decided and managed to cross this one off the list. I love the idea of afternoon tea, but the big question really is, is it worth it, or is the cheaper high tea just as good?

#10 Spend a weekend away alone… (Crossed off 3/5/14)

This was one that changed over time. I no longer wanted to spend extra time away from Ad but instead wanted to spend as much time with him and share experiences as well, since we weren’t doing it during the weekend. This was really just one of many. Another Day was spent in Windsor. Then there was Canterbury, with a side trip to Dover to see the White Cliffs.

#11. Do a European Festival…(Completed 10/05/14)

 Oh I had high hopes for this one. Plans to go to the Isle of Wright, Glastonbury, Oktoberfest ect. Then the reality of work set in (no holidays in term time for me) and oh yeah… I don’t really like camping in mud. But I did manage to do it and even better it contained tulips! Oh tulips how I adore thee!  It is one that given that I’m planning on travelling over the summer I hope to complete but we’ll see how much money I have by then.

#9. Sleep under the stars… (Completed 24/5/14)

I have been camping yes. But like with hiking, I wanted to do it knowing that it was my choice and I could do it happily. Honestly, I don’t think I would be very good proper camping. I like toilets. I admit it. So when the idea of glamping instead came about, I was more then happy to go with it. And it did make me want to do it again, maybe even try proper camping (in a hot place, with no rain.)

#17. Make a new Friend…(Completed)

OKay so this is a weird one. You don’t really go around announcing “me and you are now friends”. Or at least most people don’t (Side story.. drunken night, I ended up with one of my best friends name saved under my phone as “My new best friend” So I guess it can happen like that.)  But anyway,there’s no blog post, no pictures. Just a sentence to say that over the past year, especially since moving to London, I’ve had the chance to meet some amazing new people and had some amazing times with them , and hopefully will be having more!

And here’s some I didn’t manage to d0

3. Skydive

I was going to do this but then I backed out of it. one day

5. Stay up till sunrise

 I think as soon this one was confirmed on my list, I regretted it. In essence I think I’ve done this a few times, especially when I’ve been drunk and stumbling home. It was way to wide, did I need to be sober, did I need to watch the sunrise? Oh the questions!

12. Start saving properly (£3000 in savings account at the end of the year)

Most of the above cost money. Money that I have preferred spending on trips and experiences, I’ve got time to save (not really) but I will try!

13. Visit Euro Disney

Not easy when the you only get holidays when every other child does and the price triples!

So there you have it. I managed to get 16 out of 25 ticked off. Lots of room for  improvement I’d say.  It has been a fun year, but the next few will be so much more….

Stay tuned for where the blog heads to next….



One thought on “And so it ends… part 2

  1. bluehairinbelgium says:

    I always think staying up all night is a great idea, it never is 😉 But it’s a oddly nice feeling if you do it, especially if it’s with a person you love and it’s because you were having too much fin laughing all night and telling stories. Then it’s good 🙂

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