My favourite Travel Photo

There are many reasons that a photo becomes my one of my favourites,

It could be the amazing scenery and the beauty of the shot without even trying…

Vintgar Gorge- just outside of Lake Bled. The gorge is stunning, the waterfall was a bit of a let down

Vintgar Gorge- just outside of Lake Bled, Slovenia.

(There were so many good photos from here, I’d recommend it for any aspiring photographer)

Paris at Sunset

Paris at Sunset

The ones that even though they’re not perfect still make you laugh…

A monkey tried to get in the room!

A monkey tried to get in the room in Gibraltar. 

And there’s the ones that, whenever you look at them, will remind you of the most amazing/life changing moments in your life


Looking to the North of Lake Como from Bellagio

So finally getting my act together and joining in again with Kelly, Emma and Rebecca’s travel link up. Thank you for allowing me to share some of my favourites, 



8 thoughts on “My favourite Travel Photo

  1. Ngaire says:

    I feel like you’re travelling in my footsteps! Didn’t Vintgar just remind you of home? Beautiful spot! I haven’t gotten to Gibraltar though!

    • jennafrey says:

      Considering I am now using your blog as inspiration for Greece, I pretty much am lol.
      Gibraltar is good but we spent a lot of it sitting by a pool drinking

  2. caminioca says:

    Beautiful photos! I love photos like these that show little bits of foreign countries and remind of great memories! I mean that monkey in Gibraltar trying to break in haha the 3 other pictures of landscapes are breathtaking! just wow to the beauty of it and your photography skills too!

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