#2 Visit 30 new places- Lake Como (Lenno)

Day 2 started off with a walk about town, to the most northern point of Bellagio we could get. Where after taking several photos, I discovered I had a huge coffee stain on my white shirt (and with 10 minutes till the next boat) Demanded that I go home and change. I do feel for Ad sometimes.


Before the stain was noticed

Before the stain was noticed.

I managed it and with minutes to spare (I think that was the fastest I’d ever got changed) we were able to jump on a boat that would take us to our first destination of the day Lenno. The main objective here was to visit Villa Balbianello, which you may have seen in Casino Royal and the Star Wars Prequels. To get there was either a 20 minute walk through the hill side, or you take a water taxi and enter the same water Padma did when she arrived. We, of course, chose the cheaper option, so 25 minutes later arrived (I’ve got to get in shape!) There were two options for tickets, one for just the gardens and one for the gardens and a scheduled tour of the house. Again we just chose to do the gardens.




I thought it was gorgeous and, had I brought a book  and lunch with me, could have spent the whole day here, tucked into a little hideaway alcove.

IMG_0803 But after an hour, and an increasing flow of people in, decided it was time to say farewell and head back into Lenno for lunch- pizza of course. We were then left with the decision to hop on a boat to Menaggio or to attempt the 6km walk which meant we weren’t really sure where we would end up.. In the spirit of an epic walk, we decided to skip the boat.

It was a climb up first of all but it meant we were above the lake and able to look down. on the view. The walk was signposted, though at time we did get a little confused about where the sign was actually pointing.





It took us a good 2 hours at least. We walked at the top of hills and along the lake at times. We also stopped to take photos and try and hide from the sun(or at least I did).

I didn’t really find much to rave about in Menaggio. Nice gelato and that was about it. The walk getting there was the best part.

We decided to end the day there and headed back to Bellagio. After freshening up (and dressing fancy *) and having a quick drink in the hotel room, we headed to the waterfront  for some Bellinis (or at least I had them) and discovered the joy of getting almost a full meal with your drink as snacks.

*I know, I thought it was weird to


One thought on “#2 Visit 30 new places- Lake Como (Lenno)

  1. bluehairinbelgium says:

    We always go for the cheaper options! I tend to walk to places just so I can go at my own pace usually less people choose a walking option. Plus like you say, half the adventure is in the travel itself 🙂

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