#2 Visit 30 new places-Lake Como (Varenna)

Day three and since we had explored the west side of the lake yesterday, it only seemed fitting to be exploring the right side today.

Pulling (sailing?) up to the town of Varenna is half the fun. You have the amazing scene being set of the castle on the hill, and the church spire with colourful buildings. Get off the boat and you’re not disappointed. To arrive in (what I would call) the tourist center, requires a walk along the water front, going over bridges, passed two gelato shops and just a pretty view in general. The only thing we had planned to do here was climb to the top of the castle but before that we felt it only fitting to try and explore a bit more.



We decided to follow the road, and then just kept following it until… A waterfall, or at least the very bottom of one. It only seemed fitting (with my love for waterfalls and all) to attempt to climb as high as we could to see the top of it. So we did.


It didn’t take too long to get to the top and was pretty easy to find. There was a bridge which meant you could walk out over the waterfall (and get soaked) or if you kept walking up there was some rocks just before the cave opening that we decided to chill on.

Now came the decision of what to do next. Walk all the way back down to the bottom and either keep walking south or head back north to the town, or we could follow a random trail that we found (that I’m sure is a very ordinary trail when you know what you’re doing or where you’re going.) We didn’t have a clue where it was going so as we climbed higher and higher, we begun to think that maybe this hadn’t been the best decision on our part and decided (after over an hour and upon reaching some power lines in the hills) that we might head back and try to find this castle. So off we headed back towards town.


The path to the castle wasn’t that easy to find but luckily we ran into other people headed there who pointed us in the right direction. Up we climbed… And up… And up… (This trip was really trying to make me as fit as possible) Then we finally got there (exhausted) but there.

Castello di Vezio.

4euros each to get in. There was a birds of prey show on at the same time… In Italian

These were my favourite things there


-Chalk ghosts- they get people from the town and cover them with chalk. Then they put the hardened chalk figures in the castle until they disintegrate then they do it all again. Makes it pretty spooky.

The views were amazing.

After all of this the hunger pains decided to set in. We opted for headed back to Bellagio and stop at the shop on the way home to save money for dinner….

Which is a whole other story.



6 thoughts on “#2 Visit 30 new places-Lake Como (Varenna)

  1. bluehairinbelgium says:

    What a day! Every time my OH and I take a trip, this is how it ends up. “let’s just go check this out”… one hour later and we’re still walking haha. I think it’s the best kind of adventure though!
    Those chalk figures are pretty awesome!

    • jennafrey says:

      I think he ended up getting annoyed with me since I begun giving the figures different life stories haha.
      They are often the best walks, the one with no clear destinations where you can just go for hours without stopping

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