#3 Spend a day being a tourist in the city I live in (London, Day 1)

“People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home. ”

― Dagobert D. Runes

It’s true, as my time in London, comes to an end, I realise there is so much more that I want/wanted to see and do that normally I wouldn’t have thought about.

Being a tourist for me meant going out with the idea of exploring new places, not reverting to those that are familiar and making… or just visiting the places that everyone who lives in the city avoids because they are filled with… well, tourists.

I actually did this over two days, once by myself and one day when I dragged The Fiancé with me to do all the things I know he hated.

Day one:

Started with a walk down Southbank (okay I admit I’ve been here before but it is one of my favourite places in the whole of London)

Big Ben,  South Bank, Westminster, London

First sight to see on Southbank… Big Ben

London Eye, Southbank, London

Then continue to the London Eye on Southbank. No, I didn’t go on.

The Southbank Center currently hosts the Museum of Broken Hearts as part of the Festival of Love. Being the hopeless romantic I am, I had to pay it a visit.

Love letter at the museum of broken hearts, Southbank Center

Confessions of Love at the Southbank Center

Gua Bao Vegetarian bun

Lunch thanks to Bao, at Kerb Southbank.

After this I just decided to  wonder a wee bit and happened to find my self at 1.55pm standing outside the globe theater. What other choice did i have, I had to go in.

Globe theater London

Inside the Globe Theater

Only £5 for a yard ticket, but it meant having to stand for a good 2 and a half hours. I’m glad it wasn’t to sunny, or I think I would have struggled, but now I can say I saw Julius Caesar at The Globe Theater.  Afterwards there was only one way I could reward myself…

Drinking Cider on Southbank

Cider by the Tate



9 thoughts on “#3 Spend a day being a tourist in the city I live in (London, Day 1)

  1. Fuschia says:

    Although I grew up just an hour away from London, I am also striving to be a tourist in my own city – sometimes we ignore things, or think we’ll do them later, because they seem so touristy, but when we do them we are surprised. I also loved the festival of love – especially the museum of broken relationships!

  2. bluehairinbelgium says:

    I went to visit the Museum of Broken Relationships in Brussels about a month ago! It’s fascinating, to see the things that the people donated to the event. I found it quite awesome and I really hope it comes back so I can go again.

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