#3 Spend a day being a tourist in the city I live in ( London day 2)

You can view Day 1 here

Day 2

London underground Tube

Not many people out early on a Saturday

This time I dragged the Strikster out with me and unfortunately for him, decided we had to start early to avoid the crowds.

I had two free tickets to Ripleys Believe It Or Not from a blog event I went to, and decided  that now would be the perfect time to use them.

Inside the mirror maze

Inside the mirror maze

 My favorite part was definitely the mirror maze or the black hole, but I could not imagine it being worth it if I had  to spend that much money on two of us (even more if you had kids!)

We managed to spend just over an hour here, the reading part starting to bore me, as well as the amount of kids running around the real fun parts. Lunch came at the other halfs suggestion, knowing how much I like Markets, decided we should head to Spitalfields Markets for a spot of browsing followed by food (of course)

Spitalfields markets from above

View from the lunch spot

I love browsing, and had to talk myself out of a few purchases (I’m trying to save.. Just not very well)

Next we decided to walk from Spitalfields to Tower Hill, taking in the sights along the way

The Gherkin and Shard, London

Old and New London

London Literacy Walk

Katie in London seemed rather fitting for my first bench find.

poppies at Tower of London

The Tower of London Poppies!!

We ended up walking a bit further, and I got to see St Katharine Docks for the first time. why had I only just discovered this!


With only a couple more days left in London now, I’m trying to think of all the things I have to attempt to do. I’ve still got Harry Potter world to look forward to but how much more would I be able to squeeze in?



5 thoughts on “#3 Spend a day being a tourist in the city I live in ( London day 2)

  1. aroundtheworldin80pairsofshoes says:

    I really need to visit the Tower of London to check out the poppies. It’s amazing what you will be able to fit in during your last few days in London; my friend wanted her last meal to be at the place she had her first meal when she moved to London so we headed to Wagamama in Kensington 6 years later which I thought was quite cute. xx

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