Room with a view

When I was growing up I never had curtains. Odd I know. But  until I was older (and realised the need for a very dark room when hung over) I was quite happy to go without them.

Balcony at The Pines, Houghton Bay Wellington

I don’t talk much about home (or as much as I should) but I grew up in the most amazing place. My house (or my parents depending on how specific you want to be) is in Wellington, not right in the city but in one of the bays about 20minutes from the center.

Three sides of the house are surrounded by bush. The other looks out towards the South Island, which on a nice day you can see in the distance.

The Pines, Houghton Bay Wellington

Houghton Bay, Wellington

In a few months this will be my view again and as much as I’m not looking forward to leaving the UK and London, getting to wake up to this every morning (or until we get our own place) makes me excited. Especially knowing that it will be summer and the beach is right there!

The Pines, Houghton Bay Wellington

This post has been added to Emma, Kelly, Rebecca and Angie’s  monthly travel link up. Make sure you go and check out the good, the bad, and the ugly rooms with views that others have posted!

The Pines, Houghton Bay Wellington

And if you ever happen to visit New Zealand, look me up!



18 thoughts on “Room with a view

  1. danniellek says:

    oh my gosh, I’d be pretty happy to be going back to that! My dream is to live on a beach/overlooking a beach some day. I’m thinking England is not the place for it haha.

  2. LondonKiwiEmma says:

    Now that is what I call a view- who would want curtains with a vista like that? (Except hanging people like you say!)

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