#2 Visit 30 new places- Malta

There are so many little towns in Malta to explore, that I couldn’t do just one post dedicated to them. These were a few of my favourites (and some that didn’t live up to the hype) in Malta, which I had to travel over an hour to get to*


The walled city of Mdina

The view of Mdina from afar

This was one of my favourite places on Malta. The first capital city, it remains completely walled. I loved just being able to walk and get lost down it’s streets. It’s not very big, and they give out a map for a suggested route around Mdina, but once inside the city walls it would be almost impossible to get lost. I managed to spend about 3hours here, walking around. From St Julian’s, it took 1hour to get to the Mdina gates.

Alleyways in Mdina

Getting lost in the streets of Mdina

Blue doorway and flowers

Just don’t forget to stop for a slice of cake at Fontanella Tea Garden before leaving. Try and sit on the terrance looking towards the sea. The views are amazing.

Carrot and Walnut cake

Carrot and Walnut cake


A very touristy fishing village on the south coast of Malta. I liked it, but mainly for the photo ops it provided. Other then that it was really a waterfront lined with different fish restaurants and a very small market. On Sundays there is suppose to be a fish market in Marsaxlokk which attracts lots of locals, but I didn’t manage to get there on a sunday to see for myself.


Marsaxlokk Fishing boats

I took 2 buses, one to Valletta then another from Valetta to Marsaxlokk, which took just over an hour.

Mellieħa Bay

two sailing boats in Mellieħa Bay

Mellieħa Bay

Do not go here in summer unless you can get here early, as gorgeous as it looks.

Malleha Bay

No space whatsoever on the beach

A sandy beach, absolutely packed with people. Even trying to get here on the bus is difficult. It took over 90minutes and I had to wait for a second bus because the first one was so full it just drove past. It was even worse for people waiting in towns who were completely missed.

Blue Grotto

This was one of the places that no matter what happened, I wanted to visit… 2 buses later (and a long time.) When I finally got there at 12.30, I brought a ticket (€8) to go and see the blue grotto.  We got loaded into a boat,with 7 others, life jackets on and off we went.

IMG_1807The trip was very bumpy ( I half expected to fall into the water at one point or another) We finally sailed the corner and…

Blue Grotto, Malta

Blue Grotto, Malta

Well I had seen bluer water in my next post

Until then


*the over an hour to get to part is what makes it officially a new place (otherwise every time I explored a new London borough it could be called a new place)


6 thoughts on “#2 Visit 30 new places- Malta

  1. Kerri (@bluehair_Be) says:

    It’s nice that you had so many opportunities to visit all over whilst you were there, I’m trying to do the same whilst we are living in Belgium. Although, I have to reduce the time to 30mins… in one hour I can almost leave the country!

    • jennafrey says:

      I think that was the best thing about spending so long there was I didn’t need to rush it and could take my time visiting where I wanted.
      There are so many cool places in Belgium to visit

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