Exploring Gozo, Malta

Malta is made up of three islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Getting to Gozo is easy (as long as you can get on the bus to the ferry terminal) From Balluta Bay the bus take 90minutes, again it’s very full so we were driving past very angry people who had been waiting ages to be picked up. Ferry takes 25minutes, and you pay on your way back to Malta. I would suggest picking up a return ticket when arriving in Gozo since otherwise you’re lining up with the busload of people who got off at the same time as you.

Victoria (the capital of Gozo) is in the middle of the island, and all buses go to here and from here you decide where you want to go. I only had one place that I really wanted to visit and that was in Dwejra Bay.


Azure Window is a natural stone arch, with some of the most gorgeous looking water around. So impressive that I had to break my no getting into a swimsuit in public rule and (NSV right here) stripped down to a bikini so I could take a dip.


I had only planned to stay here for a short time so I could explore other parts of Gozo, but ended up staying 2 hours so had just enough time to get back to Victoria and explore (there’s really not that much to see there, trust me) and then the journey home from hell started.

First bus to the ferry was cancelled, second was full and the push to get on immense ( I expected to get trampled) The ferry was the easiest part of the trip because once we got off the boat, came an hour wait for the next bus (which again contained a stampede to get on the bus) Driving back to St Julian’s, the city was in black out (or whole country).. which made the 5 flights of steps I needed to walk up to my apartment interesting to the least.

sunset over Gozo

Gozo by night



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