The blue Lagoon Malta

#2 Visit 30 new places- Comino, Malta

I got to visit the final island in Malta when The Boy came to visit.

Comino is the smallest of all three islands in Malta, with only one restaurant and one hotel on the whole island. Bar some alone time there is only one real reason to visit Comino, The Blue Lagoon and that was the reason for our visit.

The only way to get to Comino seemed to be by taxi boat from Gozo, or an organised cruise so we opted for the latter. A great start to the morning, after arriving early, the bus that was suppose to pick us up only arrived 45minutes late (after they sent another car to pick us up.) We then had to do the walk of shame onto the boat after causing a half hour delay (it was “due to heavy traffic” said the captain.) Next came the struggle to find somewhere to sit.. Had to be in the shade, and I would have enjoyed being able to stretch out, if only we hadn’t been picked up late!

Day cruise to blue lagoon, comino, malta

All hands on deck as we head off to Comino

The cruise took about 2hours to get up to Comino from Sliema, and was very laidback. Occasionally the captain would give some history about where we were sailing passed, but more often then not you were left to do what you wanted (which was take in the scenery as we sailed)

As we sailed into the lagoon, you could see the colour of the water changing as we got closer, and pretty soon it looked like this

The blue Lagoon Malta

Docking in the Blue Lagoon

We docked for 2 hours, with lunch (and Maltese wine) provided. This gave us a chance to not only get a jet boat to the caves around the corner, but to check out the small beach.

Beach at Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Oh, but just to warn you, if you were expecting a nice, secluded beach… you might want to try looking elsewhere

blue lagoon Malta beach

Maybe swim across the bay if you want to find somewhere to sunbath?

We were able to jump off the boat into the water, and on our way back to Sliema, stopped again off Mellieħa Bay,  to go for another swim.

It was a good day, despite the start and I would recommend making sure that if you ever do go to Malta, you check out the blue lagoon.


You’ve heard all about my trip to Malta, if you’ve been what did you think of it, if you haven’t would you go?


Just for Mum xoxo


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