#2 Visit 30 new places-Greek Island hopping

We knew we wanted to visit 2 more islands in Greece and after a tremendous amount of research (otherwise known as blog stalking) we decided on Paros and Milos.

Day 7- 10
We probably didn’t explore Paros as much as we could have.
We stayed in Drios, which is a really small town (really only 2 minimarts and a couple of restaurants scattered around)but we were 5 minutes walk from a beach and the owner of the apartments was lovely*. Buses weren’t that frequent from where we are but we were able to walk to Golden Beach (Chrissí Aktí) in 20 minutes.

Our gorgeous balcony view

Our gorgeous balcony view

We hired another quad to explore the north of Paros, and after a quick swim in Piso Livadi headed up to Naousa, which is one of the main towns to explore on foot for a bit.

The clear blue waters and. Sandy beach (sand!) at Piso Lavadi

The clear blue waters and. Sandy beach (sand!) at Piso Livadi

Piso flowers

Walking around Piso Livadi


Naousa, Paros

Naousa, Paros



I would like to take this time to apologise, sorry for laughing when you fell over Ad. And then sorry for laughing when you did it again and for not helping when you couldn’t get up. (See mum it’s not just you I laugh at for falling over)

Naousa Waterfront

At least he fell over somewhere pretty

The day ended on Santa Maria beach, where the water was amazingly clear, (sadly this meant there was really no point in using the snorkel we had just brought) and there was proper sand!!

Santa Maria beach

Santa Maria beach

We had a final lunch in Parikia (the port town) the next day with the same friends from Santorini, who had also come to Paros. It’s a town filled with restaurants and souvenir stores and of course the ferry bringing us to the next island in our adventure.


*Bettys apartments in Paros cost around €51 for 3 nights. On the first morning we were there she (Betty) did our washing for us. On the last night, she brought us cake and a present to take home. We had our room cleaned and new towels everyday as well. It might not seem the flashiest around but for the price it was great.


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