That time I met an “interesting” character or two while travelling

When I found out this months link up topic, the most interesting character you’ve met travelling, I tried to think back to the various people I had met on my travels. This was until my thinking time got interrupted by someone in the room next to me screaming (with laughter not pain.) This got me thinking about the different types of characters you’re almost guaranteed to find in a hostel at any one time.
So without further ado I give you

Five people you’re might find in a hostel*

1. The guy that’s been everywhere
And he makes sure you know it. Telling a tale of an adventure you’ve had, not only has he had the same one but is able to one up you while he’s at it.

2. The girl who forgets there’s other people around
What do you mean you’re trying to sleep at 11pm!? She needs to use the light to go through her bag or chooses this time to conduct a conversation standing in the doorway with someone in the hall. (I’m also looking at you laughter/screamer who I can hear from the floor above as I type this up)

3. The friendly one
Within 10minutes of arriving they seem to know everyone’s names and where they’ve been/where they’re going and never have to worry about having dinner alone.

4. The guy with the instrument
Normally a guitar but an increasing number of ukalalis (so much easier to carry around) This is the guy who has decided to use long term travel to boarder his musical talents and wants others to know how good he’s got (even if it’s not very.) This could also include the wannabe DJ who commonly has his iPod blaring.

5. The long termer
These are the people who aren’t staff but might as well be. They know the ins and outs of the hostel and just always seem to be there hanging about.

Thanks to Emma, Kelly, Molly and Rebecca for hosting this link up. Make sure to check out all the other interesting characters others have met.

*please note that this is all my own view and is not meant to cause any offence (unless of course you’re a number 2 or 4, then you should be)… In fact if you have your own hostel characters, why not tell me?

Abandoned hotel in Bol Croatia graffiti on walls

Not entirely related… But even a hostel would be better then turning up to this hotel in Bol, Croatia


6 thoughts on “That time I met an “interesting” character or two while travelling

    • jennafrey says:

      Unless number twos had too much to drink. Haha had her in my room last night and I think she thought she was being quiet but at 5am I don’t want to hear her crashing about shining a torch in my face(at least she didn’t turn on the light)

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