5 places I’d love to visit again

There’s not enough time to visit all the places I want to before I head back to New Zealand but after reading some blogs posts and hearing from Booked.netTop Destinations to Go There, I got to thinking of all the places I would visit again if I had the time (and money.)

Eiffel Tower

1. Paris, France
I’ve been to the city twice already.   While I love exploring and wondering its streets, what I’d really love to do is vist Eurodisney. During my time in the UK, I’d never got the chance or at least I couldn’t justify the price of going on school holidays and couldn’t handle the idea of all the kids. Being the Disney lover that I am, it would a dream to visit here.

Lisbon tram

2. Lisbon, Portugal
I hated it when I went the first time but I’d love to give it another chance. This time I’d look to go on summer, when hopefully the streets are bustling and the place is more lively.

Manhattan skyline

3. New York, USA
I loved it when I went here last Christmas.  But there was so much rushing around to see everything. I’d like to go back and this time take my time, people watching and just wander the streets with time to spare. Also since we went in winter I’d love to go on spring when all the greenery is coming out in Central Park.


4. Cornwall, United Kingdom
Okay so it’s not really a city but I’d love to back. The weekend we spent there I’d describe as stormy, with patches of light rain. Not the nicest weather when you consider we were camping. Given the chance, I’d go back for a sunny week, I’d spend my time camping and exploring the seaside towns (and enjoying a Cornish tea or two.)

Ljubljana Slovenia

5. Ljubljana, Slovenia
Okay so this is a difficult one. I’ve been here and absolutely love it. So much that I recommend it to everyone. But as much as I’d love to go back I worry that if I did, I’d hold it to such high expectations that it would fall at the first hurdle. Maybe I should keep aiming to go back but never do so it stays perfect in my mind?

Okay so now I get to nominate 5 other bloggers to find out their top 5 places they’d love to visit again:

Cara from britventures
Jade from Earth to Jade
Louise from Chasing Clouds
Sara from Big World, small me
Zoe from Moomads
If you could revisit any destination where would it be?


9 thoughts on “5 places I’d love to visit again

  1. Jade says:

    Thanks for tagging me! I’ll write up my post next week. Totally agree with you on Ljubljana – didn’t think I’d really enjoy it but I LOVED IT. Such a wonderful place, Slovenia!

  2. frockandroll says:

    Wow, some super-interesting cities here; I’d love to explore them all! (I’ve already promised myself that I WILL spend my 30th birthday in New York, and considering that it’s 3 years away, I have more than enough time to make it happen!)

    On my re-visit list would definitely be Kathmandu, Nepal (probably my favourite so far!), Paris (I think you could probably visit it 3,000 times and never get sick of it, and like you, I never made it out to Euro Disney either!), Berlin, Dubai and Hong Kong – the last two I’ve only seen from the airport!

    • jennafrey says:

      Berlin was on my list of places to visit but I’m going to have to skip it this time I think. You have to do New York, it’s amazing, I’ll even join you. I insist.
      Nepal would be an amazing place to visit. I really don’t think I’ve sen enough of that side of the world.

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