Don’t go chasing waterfalls- in Plicvice lakes they come to you!

After visiting Miljet and Krka national parks in Croatia, and one in Montenegro, I wondered if there was any point bothering to see another one…and boy was I wrong.
After reading and seeing the pictures on Sara’s blog about Plicvice lakes, my excitement grew.
We stayed in Zagreb the night before and decided to do Plicvice as a day trip from there.
The bus left from Zagreb at 7.30am and cost us, 90kn each. We arrived at 10am all fired up,and ready to explore.

When you arrive, the park gives suggested routes depending on how long you have to spend. We decided to follow path H which was suggested for 4-6hours. IMG_0652.JPG Stating at entrance 2 meant we got to explore the upper lakes first.
These were my favourite part by far.
IMG_0654.JPG I love the looping wooden paths over the different lakes,IMG_0681.JPG IMG_0676.JPG The numerous waterfalls, all different heights, some gushing, some trickling. IMG_0677.JPG
It took us about two hours to walk the upper lakes and we decided to take the boat across the lake rather then walking, but it meant we had great views on either side (We did walk back to the upper lakes at the end of the day.)
IMG_0684.JPGI wasn’t as impressed by the lower lakes. Where at the upper lakes you could feel almost alone on the winding paths (even though there were
people) I felt the lower lakes were much more open (they are bigger) but it meant you could see every tour group that was walking around as well. No getting lost here.
IMG_0721.JPG Our day ended when we caught the 4.15pm bus back to Zagreb. I was tired but very glad I got to explore such a beautiful setting.

* Extra info: Tickets into the park cost 110kn each and include the boat ride across the lake.
While they do have a couple of restaurants in the park, I’d suggest bringing your own food. The lines seemed huge.
We went in the middle of October, off peak season and while there were still people around, you could take photos at your own pace*


7 thoughts on “Don’t go chasing waterfalls- in Plicvice lakes they come to you!

  1. Kerri (@bluehair_Be) says:

    This looks like a really beautiful place! I never tire of seeing nature. There’s always something to be seen 🙂 The waterfall in the final photo is really impressive!

    I have seen very few waterfalls in my life, but I did see a few in the summer. I’d love to visit some of the more iconic ones, but I think the ones you just come across are just as special.

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