Goodbye Europe*

There is a good chance that if you are reading this I will be a plane.

This plane ride is Special to me as it is no ordinary plane ride. Nope. This is the plane that will take me out of Europe, and transport me to the next step of my journey.

This plane will fly me to Bangkok, Thailand (after a very quick stop over in Oslo) Where I will get to spend a month (or about that) of my life exploring Bangkok, Myanmar and Cambodia. Before finally I have to catch another plane to little old Wellington, New Zealand, Ready to settle down for the next part of my adventure.

Wish me luck.

Do you have any tips or things that I should see, eat or do in Myanmar, or Cambodia?

*Not forever. Definitely not forever. We shall see each other again one day.


9 thoughts on “Goodbye Europe*

  1. meg says:

    All the best for the month ahead and for your new adventures! We’re doing a similar thing, although ending up in Abu Dhabi. Look forward to hearing about your travels! xx

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