Exploring Transylvania – Bran and Rasnov

You’ve all heard of Dracula right? The guy with the fangs and no reflection, who feasts on human blood… And most importantly does not sparkle in sunlight?

The legendary Vampire, Count Dracula, was a character created by Bran Stroker, who lived in Transylvania (probably it’s most famous fictional resident) and was said to be inspired by the real life Vlad the Impaler.
Bran Castle the main reason for visiting the town of Bran, is known as the home of Dracula, even though Vlad the Impaler was only imprisoned there for a short time.
IMG_0840-0.JPG The town itself seemed nothing more then a few restaurants and a souvenir market aimed at tourists looking for a piece of the Dracula action.
The castle, well as Ad puts it “People tell you to be disappointed by it, but it really is so disappointing”
IMG_0865.JPG I guess looking at from the outside, you expect a lot more then what really is inside the castle walls.
IMG_0851.JPG We were in and out of the castle within 45mins

Between Brasov and Bran, lies the town of Rasnov and on our way back to Brasov,we decided to make a stop. You know you’re in Rasnov because of the large Hollywood like sign, spelling out the towns name in the hills (yep another one.)

And the rather large fortress next to it.
IMG_0908.JPG To get to the fortress requires a 20minute walk that at times seems like you’re walking through an abandoned town, it was that quiet.
It was just as quiet inside the fortress, but there was lots to see and we probably spent more time here then we had Bran Castle.
Knowing how infrequent the buses were, we rushed down from the fortress just in time to watch a bus drive away. But luckily for us we were approached by a random man asking “Brasov? 4lei” and pointing at his car. Now I know what you’re thinking, “didn’t your mum teach you not to take rides from strangers?” Well she did but when you see a 12 year old girl climb in, what harm could it do? (I should also mention that another guy who spoke a bit of English explained that it was like a taxi)
And I’m still here aren’t I?

Travel Info: we caught the bus from the Old Theatre in Brasov to the stadium. From there we had to catch another bus that left every hour to Bran. When you get to Bran, check the bus timetable for when the buses go back! The bus to/from Bran goes passed Rasnov if you choose to add that to your day out.

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13 thoughts on “Exploring Transylvania – Bran and Rasnov

  1. Kerri says:

    It does look super exciting from the outside, such a shame about it being a disappointment. I think quite a few castles are like this, but that’s ok, I tend to only want to look at the outside šŸ™‚

  2. Jessica says:

    Its still a cool looking castle! I’ve never been inside one so any castle is cool in my book šŸ˜€ Also, glad you are safe from taking a ride from a stranger… haha but I’m glad it was actually a taxi šŸ˜€


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