Exploring Transylvania – Sinaia

Once upon a time there was a king, King Carol I.

Peles Castle He decided to build himself a summer residence that would become the envy of other (well he didn’t decide this, it just sort of happened) IMG_0932.JPG
His fairy tale castle would included turrets, landscaped gardens and inside, some of the most intricate woodworking I’ve ever seen. IMG_0928.JPG
And for the more lazy among up, he introduced the central vacuuming system. So thank you for that King Carol.

The town itself reminds me of a ski resort and I’m sure in winter it would be a much more popular place. There is one main high streets with a few shops, supermarkets and cafes coming off it as well as a large park and casino turned museum.

Travel Info: the train schedules here seem to make very little sense, either plan to go early, or late, there seems to be no in between times. We left Brasov at 9.44am and got to Sinaia at around 11am. Peles Castle was closed on Tuesdays and the smaller castle beside it was closed for renovations so if in doubt, google it.You can chose out of two tours, a first floors or first and second floor. There is also a fee to take photos inside. 

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