A Christmas like no other

If I told you I spend my Christmas Day with over 200 other people would you believe me?
As far back as I can remember my Christmas days (or until I moved to the UK) were very traditional for me... In the most Untraditional of ways.

Photo of my niece and nephew taken by my brother in law. Seriously check him out on Instagram (link at the bottom of post)

Photo of my niece and nephew taken by my brother in law. Seriously check him out on Instagram (link at the bottom of post)

Christmas morning we woke up early, there were presents to be unwrapped and only a short amount of time to do it in (although I always liked keeping one or two till the end of the day) during this time the rest of my siblings trended to arrive sans nieces (the nephews hadn’t been born at this point) who would show up later in the day.
At this point we would drift upstairs (remember this, it plays a part in the story) where my Dad would have a cooked breakfast ready for us to give us then energy we needed to get through Christmas Day.
Then the last minute details would be sorted. Half us kids (there are 6 of us) would be helping Dad in the kitchen sort out a Christmas dinner with all the works, the other half would be with mum making sure the table was laid with all the trimming (crackers, sweets, the works) and then at 11am the first few people would begin walking through the door.

I guess this is the point where I interject and tell you that for my whole life my parents have owned a restaurant, infact if you’re from Wellington, New Zealand it’s one you may have heard of (when I mention it I get a surprising amount of people saying “oh I’ve been there before”)

But on Christmas Day from 11am till 2/3ish we fed over 200people a traditional dinner included lamb, beef, ham, pork, different types of seafood, a vast array of salads and I haven’t even started on desserts yet.

I guess you’re thinking, what an awful way to spend Christmas. it’s suppose to be about spending time with family but you know what? I’ve tried the traditional Christmas with the sitting round all day with (an adopted family) and to me, all us kids working together, alongside Mum and Dad is proof of how much more family is then that (no offence to the family that adopted me).
I remember when my grandparents were alive, my poppa would be in the kitchen craving the meat (had to be done freshly of course, no one wants meat that had been sitting around) and my nana would show up half way through the morning and sit at a table specially reserved for her (after she had gone to tidy up the mess downstairs, I always wondered why my mum insisted we tidy the wrapping paper away as soon as we were done) but when we were younger and our only job was scrapping plates we could sit with her for half the day, when we were older and able to work you would pop by her table, and between her talking to regulars you could have a chat.
We were never made to work (please don’t think that) but even when you were young you realised you could be sitting downstairs playing with toys all alone on Christmas or you could be spending time with family and propel who seemed in a rather pleasant mood since they didn’t have to prepare Christmas dinner.

And by 3pm we’re done. And then it is time to enjoy ourselves. This is when the nieces (and now nephews) arrive, when we relax, either go down to the enact across the road, or set up a pool of our own…Paddling pool

and if we’re lucky there might be some leftovers for us to have. If not then we make up our own traditional meal…

Homemade pizza puff pastry One year I was adamant that a pizza shop would be open… Cue trying for over an hour and I think even placing an order online, finally we decided to give up and just make our own….

See all us kids agreed.. Pizza for Christmas is an excellent choice

See all us kids agreed.. Pizza for Christmas is an excellent choice

We did have a more traditional meal on Boxing Day. We went round to my nana and poppas (and later my aunts) and had our own belated Christmas.

So my Christmas May not be traditional in the way other people think but after 4years of trying out new places, I can’t wait to get back to tradition and celebrate it with some of the people who mean the most in the world to me!


 Very old photo of me, my sister, brother in law and oldest niece

Very old photo of me, my sister, brother in law and oldest niece

Another #TravelLinkUp post by the Christmas elves in disguise, Emma, Kelly, Rebecca and their special helper Sammy . You guys really do seem to come up with the perfect topic at the perfect time (yes I do know that Christmas happens the same time each year) but writing this post has gotten me really excited about going home and now I’m really looking forward to my version of a traditional Christmas Day.

This is no no way a sponsored post. I think if I mention to my dad he pay me, he’d laugh in my face and ask for rent money

*check out my Brotherinlaws Instagram for some more incredible images



9 thoughts on “A Christmas like no other

  1. LondonKiwiEmma says:

    Such a tasty Christmas tradition – family ones are simply the best! (I’m super curious about your Mum & Dad’s restaurant now…!)

  2. Shikha (whywasteannualleave) says:

    I love this special type of Christmas you had! It’s not all about sitting round a table as you say and your Christmases have their own unique memories, which sound like so much fun!

  3. Lisa says:

    Aww, it may not have been the Christmas most people imagine but it sounds like a great way to spend time all doing something together and to help other people enjoy their Christmas too!

  4. Carolann says:

    This sounds like a truly special Christmas — working together with your family! Being together is the most important thing. I also love your idea of saving a present until the end of the day. I think I am going to have to hide a few this year and give them out right when it seems like Christmas is over. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas at home!

  5. frontieregirl says:

    Wow, this definitely does sound like such a different Christmas, but such a good one in that you all work as a team and spend quality time together helping others to have a good Christmas too! Wishing you a fab one this year 🙂 Danielle x

    frontière girl

  6. annamnavarro says:

    Hi, I had a similar upbringing. 5 siblings and parents who owned and ran a restaurant. Like you I enjoyed the family times we shared there from a child until I was a parent too. Thanks for reminding me 😊

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