What makes a city memorable

We all have different reasons for remembering certain cities. The scenery, the lights or events that happen, often make a place stick in our minds more then others. But then there are some places we forget as soon as we fly/bus/walk away.


Bucharest, Romania was one of those places for me. Even as I write this post there is little I can remember except for two things.
1. The cold
2. The snow

We arrived late afternoon, and after checking in and dumping our bags, decided we to go for a walk around the old town. As we stepped into the street we realised this was the wrong choice. The wind was bitter and felt almost like it had a vendetta against us as we bravely battled against it.
We soon gave up on this idea and retreated into a nearby bar for a warming drink.

And man and his rather odd looking dog

And man and his rather odd looking dog

We had hoped it would warm up the next day and decided since we were only in Bucharest for one day we would do a walking tour… Bad idea. I think the few things I can remember from the tour was how cold it was, how wet my feet got and how I couldn’t feel my fingers or toes at all. It was so cold that Ad who swore by how much he hated hats and beanies went out and got one after we finished.


The icing on the cake for Bucharest is walking out of the mall with our newly acquired  hat and gloves and it Snowing!

Yep snow in October.

I think the looks I got off Security when I was trying to start a snowball fight at the airport hotel we stayed at summed up our time nicely. What the Hell were we thinking? (okay it wasn’t that bad but maybe next time it would have been nice if I wasn’t shivering the whole time we were there)


4 thoughts on “What makes a city memorable

  1. Kerri says:

    Bucharest was one of the places from our Europe trip that I don’t quite remember… We did go to Constanta on the coast and I remember that because it was so so hot. I do’t remember much else apart from being hotter than any other time in my life!

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