Here’s to Prague. City of beer, bridges and John Lennon

Our plan after Romania was to fly into Prague, Czech Republic and spend 3nights there.
We flew in early Sunday morning, and after having to wait an hour before we could check into our apartment and dump our bags we were finally ready to go exploring.
Our apartment was a 20minute walk from the old town but along the way we passed the dancing house, bridges and some curious artwork.

After a week in Romania where there were few tourists, walking across Charles Bridge was overwhelming. No matter where you walked, it felt like there was someone there, we quickly escaped and after the one time walking across we didn’t cross again but found less occupied bridges further up or down the river (which tended to work out better especially for photos since the you could get the Charles bridge in.)

See what I mean...

See what I mean…

We decided to focus on one side of the river at a time and the first day was spent in old town.

Prague old square

Adam and Eve towers in prague


There is a free walking tour for this side of the river. I found it extremely slow moving and there was an unneeded stop in the middle which was pretty much a sales pitch for their other tours. It did explain the astronomical clock more, which up until that point I had felt was a big let down.

River in Prague

Looking towards Prague Castle

Back across the river, Prague Castle has the largest grounds of any castle in the world and they are definitely worth seeing. Since we’re so cheap we didn’t actually pay to go into any of the buildings but were quite content strolling the grounds. It also happened that the day we went was the day that the were giving Nicholas Winton the Order of the White Lion for his effort in saving 669 Czech children during World War Two. This meant there was added security and a few of the buildings were closed.

John Lennon wall
Our last stop of the day was one I had heard about. But didn’t really know what to expect. We followed the maze of streets from the castles towards the river and finally we found it, the John Lennon wall.
At this point we were suppose to pack up and head to our next location but then I got some news… A friend from New Zealand who I hadn’t seen in 4 years was going to be in Prague the next day! This called for one more night in Prague.


5 thoughts on “Here’s to Prague. City of beer, bridges and John Lennon

  1. Dana (Wanted Adventure) says:

    Yes there are tourists, but still, Prague is my all-time favorite city in the world. I moved there several years ago and lived one year in the city, which gave me plenty of time to get up early (or stay out late!) and experience the city without so many people around. Also, try going sometime when it snows! There are less people out and about and it’s so gorgeous all covered in white!!

  2. Kerri says:

    I really enjoyed Prague when we went a few years back. It’s quite a touristy place but can’t deny I really loved it and could happily go back to visit 🙂

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