What to do in Vilnius, Lithuania

One of the hardest things when traveling is deciding where to go and what places to see.

If you’re anything like me, then it’s easy when you set yourself a challenge. Mine? Visit all the countries I could ending with ia. I’ve been to Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Romania, to name a few.

So when it came to where to head next after Poland, the answer was three countries in a row all ending with ia. Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia (I did try and convince Ad to go to Russia to add another one in but we wouldn’t have been able to get a visa in time.)

We were actually in Warsaw when we caught a night bus, (which came with in-seat entertainment and free wifi for  14pounds each) to Vilnius, Lithuania.

We were woken at 6.30 in the morning (not that it was much of a sleep with the guy snoring behind us)  to be told we were almost at our destination. Something else important to note is that like most of the countries we had visited on our trip, Lithuania had a currency all of it’s own. This meant that just as we tried to board a bus into Vilnius old town, we realised we didn’t have money to pay. We also couldn’t find an ATM anywhere close by and no supermarket or shop was willing to let us get cash out, so we did what any person would have done in our situation… Hopped on and prayed there wouldn’t be any ticket inspectors on our journey. We got lucky this time…

After dropping our bags at our hostel, we headed towards the old town.

While you’re in Vilnius, there are a few things I’d recommend you see/do


Especially in the old town. Start in front of the town hall and walk. Follow the winding streets. See how many churches you can spot or even how many gates.

Climb to the top of the Upper Castle to have a look at the modern city,

But don’t forget to turn around and see the past as well.


St annes church

Gediminas' Tower

Vilnius upper castle

Vilnius Upper Casstle

Visit the Doctor

Zemach Shabad was the inspiration behind the story book character Doctor Aybolit (or in English “Doctor Ouch, It Hurts”)  He looked after the small children in Vilnius without expecting anything back from them.image

LEarn about money

One of my favourite things we did in Belgrade was visit the National Bank, so  when I heard Vilnius had its own one it was quickly added to the list of things to do.

As you enter the telephone rings and you are welcomed into the museum by a voice at the other end (not in English I should mention). There is surrency from all over the world as well as a history of bartering and how money came about. And then after you read all the information you can play the quiz game where if you get over 70% you get to have your photo taken and printed on money (or if you’re impatient like me, just go straight to the quiz and guess). The added challenge makes it even better.

Ring, Ring...

Ring, Ring…

money museum vilnius


After 3 months of travelling we were getting rather tired of pasta and soup packets… Cue Boom Burgers and one of the best burger I think I’ve had. I mean look at the cheese!!  And to top it off I could even get a cider with it that wasn’t Somersby! The burger was cheap ( about 6euros) and you had to buy fries separately  to go with them but they were about 2euros for a portion. Just the sound of the dessert menu made my mouth drool but by the time I manage d to finish my burger I couldn’t eat a single bite more!


Have you been to Vilnius before? What would you recommend people do?


4 thoughts on “What to do in Vilnius, Lithuania

  1. LondonKiwiEmma says:

    a) that burger looks insanely good
    b) how cute is that museum &
    c) why does Villi us keep popping up in my time line – methinks I might need to go!!

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