Brunching adventure: dining at Drexels with #Brunchclub

On a cold wet morning, if there’s one things that’s sure to get me up, it’s the thought of coffee and brunch.

Me and a bunch of other bloggers that is, as this month we caught up for #Brunchclub at Drexels, located at 32 Waring Taylor St, Wellington, 6011

Arriving at Drexels, late after a mishap with my phone that morning, it was a lot easier then last time to find the group. Among the group were the familiar faces of DaniGeorginaHannahMorganPip who had been at the last #brunchclub, as well as Emma and Kahurangi who I’d met at the Zomato foodie meet up and a couple of new faces including Alice and Zarette

Normally I’d be the first one to go for bottomless coffee, but knowing I had another lunch to attend meant instead I opted for a flat white, which was just what I needed. When it came time to choosing what to eat, I knew I wanted something sweet, but what… Waffles, pancakes or French toast and then was the question of what to have with it! 

Drexels french toast

drexels berry compote

The options seemed endless as I finally settled on French toast with a berry compote ($5) as extra. Then I had to choose the size. Half, one or two.. Again with the prospect of lunch afterwards I settled for half and I’m glad I did. The portion was huge! One giant piece of French toast with a generous dollop of whipped butter, then the added berry compote. It was fantastic. I was full without feeling like I needed to roll home afterwards. 

Drexels food envy

Unfortunately for me, after arriving late I need to leave early to get to my lunch date, but it was great being able to catch up with everyone again and meet new faces. I can’t wait to see where next months will be and perhaps this time I won’t have to rush off so soon!


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