Brunching adventure: the Spruce Goose edition

As wild as Wellington weather can be, some mornings dawn and they are perfect. No clouds in the sky, the sun shining bright and with just the slightest breeze to cool you down.

spruce goose menu

This calls for brunch by the beach and what better place to visit the The Spruce Goose in Lyall Bay. Located fairly close to the airport (the other side of the runway) and right across the road from the beach it’s the perfect place to sit if you want to do a bit of plane watching or check out the surfers

wellington airport spruce gooseSpruce Goose Lyall Bay

You’ve got to be quick if you want to nab a seat outside especially on a nice day, and we were lucky enough to grab a table upstairs just as it was freeing up.

We were quick to get served and it didn’t take long to choose the big breakfast and a coke for him and the vegetarian big breakfast and latte for me. Mine was delicious, I only wish I could have had another pumpkin sausage as that was the star of the plate for me instead of the giant pile of spinach I did get.

Spruce Goose Vege breakfast

The only other thing I wish is that the coffees were a bit bigger! 

flat white spruce goose

It wasn’t my first time visiting The Spruce Goose and it definitely won’t be my last. The service there is always good despite always seeming to be busy. The coffee is also excellent even if I do complain it’s to small. I haven’t been for a main meal yet but that’s next on my list to visit for.

Spruce goose wellington


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