How to spend a rainy day in Tallinn, Estonia

On a cold and miserable day of traveling there’s nothing I like more then hiding in doors as much as I can.

This would be fine except for the fact that being in a new city I want to see as much as possible. Cue museums and the more obscure the better. 

apothecary museum

apothecary museum Tallinn

Right in the middle of Tallinn, in the Main Square lies the Apothecary museum. It’s free entry and only two rooms, but worth a peek inside if you’re wanting to escape from the cold for a while.

Meremuuseum (Estonia Maritime museum)

Best thing about this museum (or so I’m told by Ad who I left to go and see my  own museum) Was the views.

Tallinn Maritime museum Tallinn Maritime Maritime Museum view

 Estonian Health Care Museum

This was my choice for museums and it was perfect for me. Interactive and warm inside, I was able to be entertained for well over two hours, while becoming well informed (and realising how much I needed new glasses)

Tallinn health museum Tallinn Health care

Kalev Marzipan Factory Museum

Do I need to say anything else?

Or if you really want to brave the cold you could check out some sights around Tallinn...



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