Brunching Adventures: The Most Amazing Waffles

This July, #Brunchclub headed to the heart of Wellington city, to the understated Ti Kouka Cafe.

flat white ti kouka

Having walked down Willis Street countless times, I must have passed by Ti Kouka more times then I can imagine. However, I never thought of heading up those stairs at all. But that’s the good thing about #brunchclub, you dine places you otherwise wouldn’t, (or at least I find).

Ti Kouka Cafe Ti Kouka

Having checked out the menu before going, I found that a lot of the dishes seemed..well… on the healthy side, or at least as close to as you could get. Ti Kouka cater for a variety dietary needs and foods like polenta feature. One dish in particular caught my attention.. Waffles!

Avocado on toast

Avocado on toast

This #brunchclub I was craving something sweet, so imagine my dismay when I arrive and read the menu, to find NO WAFFLES!  As we waited for others to arrive, our drinks order were taken and quickly brought to the table. There was no rush to order food which turned out to be a good thing since after 45 minutes only 6 of us had shown up! That’s not a bad thing as it meant everyone was able to join in conversations and the staff were more then helpful when we asked to move away chairs.

Potato Rosti with eggs

Potato Rosti with eggs

When it came time to order, our waitress informed us there were two specials,a potato Rosti (which I had last #Brunchclub) and… WAFFLES. Not just any waffles but the most delicious waffles ever. With Vanilla Mascarpone, Hazelnut Meringue and Maple syrup, It was gone much to quick for my liking.

waffles ti kouka

But hopefully the next #Brunchclub will bring waffles just as delicious

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