Bruching Adventures: Caffiend, Petone

Caffiend, Petone has been on my ‘eat at’ list since I moved to Petone, so when asked one Sunday morning where I wanted to eat I knew my answer. 

Walking in, it felt a lot calmer then some of the other places in Petone. This could be due to the larger sized room then the others. With ample seating available, we had the room at our finger tips. If it were a bit warmer, we could have sat outside.

Browsing the menu, we quickly made our decision and ordered at the counter before finding a table. Sitting down we settled in for what we thought would be a long wait.  Our coffee came out quick and they tasted good.


It was a surprisingly short time till the food made an appearance.


Eggs Benedict for him. Bacon cooked perfectly, crisp, fresh bread and eggs that had just the right amount of run.


For me it was french toast with grilled banana and maple syrup. Dipped look enoughthat the bread was soaked right through they were delicious. I think one of the things that impressed me the most is that as soon as I asked for no bacon they asked me if I’d like something else instead.

Caffiend, Petone  is somewhere I’m definitely going to be having brunch again.

Find this restaurant on Zomato | Caffiend, Petone


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