A new one gets added #30beforeIm30

It’s that time when I get to add a new item to my list and this ones a two parter.


#24 Get my full licence 

Yep I still haven’t got my full drivers licence but I have 5 years to get and and 5 years to finish this list so it works perfectly (I do really plan on getting it as soon as possible) 

The closest I got to driving a car in a very long time

The closest I got to driving a car in a very long time

The other full licence I need to get is my teaching licence. 

In New Zealand you have to work for two years with a provisional licence to prove that you  are able to meet the criteria for a good teacher. 

One year in and I decided to move to the United Kingdom. After 4 years away there, I have now arrived back in New Zealand and have until the beginning of next year to get my full registration. I’m lucky that I can attribute a year of overseas teaching to my registration and that means I should be done earlier then the deadline. I’ll keep you updated but hopefully in another few months it should be done and dusted and I will have my full teachers registration!


#30beforeim30- 270 days on

270 days on and what have I achieved?

1. Visit 8 new countries- check






Bosnia and Herzegovina







czech republic.JPG

3. Spend a day being a tourist in the city I live in -Check

London Poppies

5. Spend a night on a boat -Check

pirate ship

So that’s it for now. 3. It might not seem much but looking at it is 3/30= 10% and this is the first half of 5 years. I’ve got time and if anything I’m doing pretty okay I think.