A Trip to Mexico

Have you ever walked past a place and wondered why anyone would want to go inside? That was how my friend described her reaction to Mexico, as we turned up one cold wet day.

Mexico Wellington interior Mexico Wellington inside Inside was a completely different story. Warm, vibrant and inviting, with art to admire on every wall. It was hard trying to settle down and read the menu. Though I’m glad I did, since the food all sounded amazing. Pumpkin taco Chickpea patatas I found that Mexico was more then your normal bog standard Mexican food. Yes it had soft shell tacos and quesadillas (which tasted fantastic) but it also had a range of snacks and specialties including chickpea patatas, which I highly recommend. Each time I return (the count is three times so far), I’ve tried to have something new, whether it’s food or a drink. My favourites by far are the cold pressed coffee and the chickpea patatas. mexico cold brew coffee I would recommend if going for dinner to make a booking as both times I’ve been at night the place has been packed and for good reason! If you need any more excuse to check it out, try here.

zaida brunch wellington

Brunching Adventures: Flat Whites at Zaida’s

Another month means another #Bruchclub Wellington and this time it was held at Zaida’s in College Street.

zaida brunch wellington

The last time I was here was 5 years ago and I knew it under a different name. Walking in on Sunday Morning, it all felt very similar despite the name change. Yes, the inside seemed to be done up but food wise, it seemed much the same.

Zaida’s offers both menu and counter choices, and lining up to order, the food on offer was very tempting. I can remember the filo being a firm favourite of mine when I worked up the road all that time ago. After making my decision from the blackboard behind the counter, I discovered a menu sitting by the register… seemed an odd place when I normally want to make my decision before I get up to pay.

Sandwich and Salad

I settled on the rosti, an easy decision when I found out that I could substitute the bacon for mushrooms. And it was good… As was the coffee.

Rosti vegetarian brunch wellington

There were lots of new faces at this #BrunchClub and I finally got to meet Kat from Lady Loves Cake as well as getting to see lots of old faces. I also need to thank Tilly from The Poppy Creative for the amazing print.
the poppy creative flat white

Can’t wait for the next one


Dining out at Chow

A lot of things for me seem to start with a tweet and dinner at chow was no different.

If you’re in Wellington, on twitter and like eating then you’ve got to enter #datenight. I didn’t win #datenight but I did win dinner and a show.

Unfortunately for me, traffic meant I didn’t get there on time to take full advantage of the all you could eat offer and bar tab they put on for me and Ad but we tried to make the most of it.

Since I was driving , I got to indulge in the nonalcoholic drinks menu which I found great. The amount of choices you had (that wasn’t just the usual coke, lemonade, juice) meant that even though I was drinking I could have something special made just for me. Blue cheese wontons

The food list was just as good and I found lots of different options that I could have. I needs up choosing 5 small plates from the menu which I shared with Ad while he got a curry just for himself (he wanted something meaty). Each dish was delicious on its own but I found the spiced tofu to be the highlight for me.

Chow Wellington

Sadly we didn’t get time to have dessert so I’ll guess I’ll have to go back to sample some. Not that I needed a reason anyway since their cocktail list is calling my name (on a night I don’t drive of course)


I’d like to thank Chow for an amazing meal. Despite being busy, we found the service to be great and very attentive. After dinner we were also treated to a show that was part of the Wellington Fringe Fest. It wasn’t something I would have picked to go and see but I’m glad I got the chance to go.

Chow can be found at 45 Tory St, Te Aro, Wellington 6141

Brunching adventure: the Spruce Goose edition

As wild as Wellington weather can be, some mornings dawn and they are perfect. No clouds in the sky, the sun shining bright and with just the slightest breeze to cool you down.

spruce goose menu

This calls for brunch by the beach and what better place to visit the The Spruce Goose in Lyall Bay. Located fairly close to the airport (the other side of the runway) and right across the road from the beach it’s the perfect place to sit if you want to do a bit of plane watching or check out the surfers

wellington airport spruce gooseSpruce Goose Lyall Bay

You’ve got to be quick if you want to nab a seat outside especially on a nice day, and we were lucky enough to grab a table upstairs just as it was freeing up.

We were quick to get served and it didn’t take long to choose the big breakfast and a coke for him and the vegetarian big breakfast and latte for me. Mine was delicious, I only wish I could have had another pumpkin sausage as that was the star of the plate for me instead of the giant pile of spinach I did get.

Spruce Goose Vege breakfast

The only other thing I wish is that the coffees were a bit bigger! 

flat white spruce goose

It wasn’t my first time visiting The Spruce Goose and it definitely won’t be my last. The service there is always good despite always seeming to be busy. The coffee is also excellent even if I do complain it’s to small. I haven’t been for a main meal yet but that’s next on my list to visit for.

Spruce goose wellington

Brunching adventure: dining at Drexels with #Brunchclub

On a cold wet morning, if there’s one things that’s sure to get me up, it’s the thought of coffee and brunch.

Me and a bunch of other bloggers that is, as this month we caught up for #Brunchclub at Drexels, located at 32 Waring Taylor St, Wellington, 6011

Arriving at Drexels, late after a mishap with my phone that morning, it was a lot easier then last time to find the group. Among the group were the familiar faces of DaniGeorginaHannahMorganPip who had been at the last #brunchclub, as well as Emma and Kahurangi who I’d met at the Zomato foodie meet up and a couple of new faces including Alice and Zarette

Normally I’d be the first one to go for bottomless coffee, but knowing I had another lunch to attend meant instead I opted for a flat white, which was just what I needed. When it came time to choosing what to eat, I knew I wanted something sweet, but what… Waffles, pancakes or French toast and then was the question of what to have with it! 

Drexels french toast

drexels berry compote

The options seemed endless as I finally settled on French toast with a berry compote ($5) as extra. Then I had to choose the size. Half, one or two.. Again with the prospect of lunch afterwards I settled for half and I’m glad I did. The portion was huge! One giant piece of French toast with a generous dollop of whipped butter, then the added berry compote. It was fantastic. I was full without feeling like I needed to roll home afterwards. 

Drexels food envy

Unfortunately for me, after arriving late I need to leave early to get to my lunch date, but it was great being able to catch up with everyone again and meet new faces. I can’t wait to see where next months will be and perhaps this time I won’t have to rush off so soon!