That time we biked a bay

So far on our trip we have taken an aeroplane, bus, boat and quad bike. It only seemed fitting to take a bike ride around the Bay of Kotor to add to our transport list.

Looking at Perast  from the water

Looking at Perast from the water

The trip round was about 25miles and took us at least 5 hours. This did included a 45minute stop in Perast to visit Gospa od Škrpjela (Our Lady of the Rock Island) and lunch.

St George's Island is one of two islands near

St George’s Island is one of two islands near Perast

View of the Bay of Kotor from half way around

View of the Bay of Kotor from half way around

Bay of Kotor, even further around

Bay of Kotor, even further around, looking across to St George’s Island and Our Lady of the Rock

By the end we were tired, sweaty and I was still feeling the ride two days later in places no girl should. But it was fine since the next day we would be on our way to back to Dubrovnik, this time to actually explore!


#12 Try 5 new sports/ fitness activities-Pole Dance

“To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking”
― Agnes De Mille

I’m not confident, It’s my worst fear to put myself out there, especially if there’s a performance involved*.

BUT, when I read on twitter that there was going to be a pole class held in my local pub, I jumped at the chance to join. I managed to wrangle a friend to join in.. but from the beginning I knew that even if my friend didn’t want to continue, I did. I was hooked.

It was hard getting the hang of it (I’m not the most  coordinated person either.) But knowing how well I was doing, how much I was pushing myself (not only in fitness, but in confidence), meant I wanted to (and still want to) continue.

The class was small, only 5 of us for 4 poles. But the teacher is amazingly friendly. Praising us when we’re doing well, and trying her hardest to help us when we’re not, I think she was a big part of what made me want to continue.

I slightly gutted that my course is coming to an end, but I really can’t wait to join another class back in New Zealand, Which I hope will be as good and as supportive.

If anyone is local  to SW12/ Balham, I’d suggest you give the taster class a go on August  4th (only £5!!)


See there is a blurry smile on my face




*I was that kid that could barely do a speech in English class, in fact I was told French class wasn’t right for me because when it came time to speak I started laughing nervously and had to leave the room.

And so it ends… part 2

#24. Take 6 photos of Ad and I to turn into Canvas… (Completed 14/2/14)

This one took a bit of a different turn then I was thinking initially, but I was pleased with the result and still have grand plans to stick up photos of our time in Europe (maybe not only of the two of us) when we get home.

#23. Attempt to see the Northern Lights…  (Crossed off 21/2/14)

So TLDR I didn’t get to see the Northern Lights but I did get to explore a beautiful country in my attempt to.

#4. Visit 5 new countries… (Completed 23/02/14)

Or 6 in my case. But each of them have been an experience, and I’m glad I had the chance to visit each one, even if I wasn’t completely enthralled (here’s looking at you Portugal) but I did have one of the most amazing Christmases ever (United States of America) See some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever witnessed (Slovenia…Especially Lake Bled) Took a family road trip (Iceland), tried to see a whole city in one day (Sweden) And experienced sweet treats and boat rides in Turkey… There was also the odd trip to Gibraltar complete with door opening monkeys, a dolphin spotting trip and a hike to a lighthouse.

#23 Go to a West End Show… (Completed 18/3/14)

Or 3. So far I’ve got to see War Horse, Mama Mia! and The  Lion King. On a side note I did also go to the filming of the Graham Norton show. Missed out on Channing Tatum by one week!

#25. Go to a fancy afternoon tea… (Completed 1/5/14)

Your parents always warned you about meeting with strangers especially off the internet but this was exactly how I decided and managed to cross this one off the list. I love the idea of afternoon tea, but the big question really is, is it worth it, or is the cheaper high tea just as good?

#10 Spend a weekend away alone… (Crossed off 3/5/14)

This was one that changed over time. I no longer wanted to spend extra time away from Ad but instead wanted to spend as much time with him and share experiences as well, since we weren’t doing it during the weekend. This was really just one of many. Another Day was spent in Windsor. Then there was Canterbury, with a side trip to Dover to see the White Cliffs.

#11. Do a European Festival…(Completed 10/05/14)

 Oh I had high hopes for this one. Plans to go to the Isle of Wright, Glastonbury, Oktoberfest ect. Then the reality of work set in (no holidays in term time for me) and oh yeah… I don’t really like camping in mud. But I did manage to do it and even better it contained tulips! Oh tulips how I adore thee!  It is one that given that I’m planning on travelling over the summer I hope to complete but we’ll see how much money I have by then.

#9. Sleep under the stars… (Completed 24/5/14)

I have been camping yes. But like with hiking, I wanted to do it knowing that it was my choice and I could do it happily. Honestly, I don’t think I would be very good proper camping. I like toilets. I admit it. So when the idea of glamping instead came about, I was more then happy to go with it. And it did make me want to do it again, maybe even try proper camping (in a hot place, with no rain.)

#17. Make a new Friend…(Completed)

OKay so this is a weird one. You don’t really go around announcing “me and you are now friends”. Or at least most people don’t (Side story.. drunken night, I ended up with one of my best friends name saved under my phone as “My new best friend” So I guess it can happen like that.)  But anyway,there’s no blog post, no pictures. Just a sentence to say that over the past year, especially since moving to London, I’ve had the chance to meet some amazing new people and had some amazing times with them , and hopefully will be having more!

And here’s some I didn’t manage to d0

3. Skydive

I was going to do this but then I backed out of it. one day

5. Stay up till sunrise

 I think as soon this one was confirmed on my list, I regretted it. In essence I think I’ve done this a few times, especially when I’ve been drunk and stumbling home. It was way to wide, did I need to be sober, did I need to watch the sunrise? Oh the questions!

12. Start saving properly (£3000 in savings account at the end of the year)

Most of the above cost money. Money that I have preferred spending on trips and experiences, I’ve got time to save (not really) but I will try!

13. Visit Euro Disney

Not easy when the you only get holidays when every other child does and the price triples!

So there you have it. I managed to get 16 out of 25 ticked off. Lots of room for  improvement I’d say.  It has been a fun year, but the next few will be so much more….

Stay tuned for where the blog heads to next….


And so it ends… part 1

So I’ve been 25 for almost a month and am only finally getting round to writing a round up post about my list. At the beginning it was about how many I could tick off… then it sort of became less of a priority, and I started to question why I chose to complete some, some I still wish I had tried, but hey I’m still young and I’ve still got time to do them.. (more about that in a later post)

But until then here is the final tally of the things I completed and those I didn’t (I’ve tried to put them in the order I completed them)

#7. Start a blog... (Completed 29/05/13)

Well I had to start somewhere it got me on here didn’t it. And through it I’ve gotten the chance to complete several link ups, and meet some wonderful people.

#23. Go to a concert… (Completed 28/6/13)

I know it’s sad and most people wouldn’t admit to it but Michael Buble was the one person I’d always wanted to see live so when the chance came, I had to take it. Even if it did mean a three hour drive one way! (I love you Ad). I’m also not that much of a concert person. I also got to go to Ed Sheeran at The royal Albert Hall. Cool for two reasons.

#1. Run a 5km race…(Completed 30/6/13)

This one meant a lot to me since it showed how far I had come since the Christmas before when I could barely get off the couch without getting puffed out. Since the first there have been overs,  Pretty Muddy, and getting to dive and run through obstacles, The colour run (terrible in the heat.. all I needed was water) and the Mo run. I really need to get booking another one soon.

#6. Give Blood… (Completed 07/08/13)

of course there had to be a charity/ giving one. I think for this one it was the build up to it that was the worst. Being sent away the first time I was worried that with a history of High Blood pressure (which I put down to being overweight since it has evened out since I’ve lost weight) I would be sent away from the chair, but Yay! I got to do it. I now just need to find time to donate again.

#15 Go hiking…  (Completed 20/8/2013)

This was another one I out on to remind myself how far I had come. When adding this one to the list initially, all I could think about was being 14 and being made to go a hike with college. Oh how I moaned and bitched and I think there could have been tears (mine, not the teachers.) I pretty mush wanted to prove that I could do it and I could do it happily. Which I did. Happily.

#8 Stand under a waterfall… (Completed 21/08/13)

By far one of the most fun experiences I’ve had during my whole journey. Canoying took me out of my comfort zone and was something I never thought that I would have the courage to do (I hate jumping off heights). It helped that the scenery was amazing. I also got to walk behind a waterfall in Iceland… just beware of the icicles!

#14 Lose 2 Stone(Completed 18/9/13)

Oh this is still a struggle and I work on it every day. I got to Gold, then slowly found myself relaxing into old habits. Eating what I want, going drinking every weekend. I need a big kick up the butt to get me motivated and to lose those few pounds that seem to have crept on since this was completed. Especially with Summer and a boat tour in Croatia coming up.

#18 Take a cooking class… (Completed 15/11/13)

I love cooking. I admit it, so this was just one to make sure I  tried something new. My favourite thing about completing this one was getting to do it with Ad and proofing who was the better cook (kidding).

And some I didn’t do :

#2. Run 10km… 

I am going to do this. I got lazy and gave up but slowly I’m running again and I will do it. Maybe I need to enter a race to motivate me?

#16. Take a dance class… 

Again one that I really wanted to do but unfortunately it pushed me to o much out of my comfort zone. Which I know is something I need to get over. I went as far as booking the class but then to the wonderful thing that is London Transport I never managed to get there. I’m still getting their emails.

#19. Try kite surfing/ Paddle boarding… 

Want to know something funny. Back in New Zealand, I live 5 minutes away from a  surf beach. I also live 15 minutes from at least 2 surf schools both of which I’m sure will teach Kite surfing, so maybe this is one I save for when I am back in New Zealand.

#20. Get a tattoo (yaya)… 

This one is important to me and I will do it. I’m just a chicken. Anyone know of a good tattoo place in London and I’ll do it before I leave.

#21. Buy an outfit without looking at the price… 

It is almost physically impossible to do this. Have you ever been shopping and not automatically looked at the price. Unless of course moneys not that important and you’ve got it  to spare then I apologise for the assumption. Also this is one that by the end I was thinking of doing at a charity store just to cross off, I really didn’t care about it that much.

Stay tuned for Part 2


A month to go…

Well just over a month really.

But I still have over half of my list to cross off. You would think that at this stage I would be frantically trying to cross off as many as I can as quickly as I can but rather then that I’m not.

Coming to the end of  my year doing this list, I’ve come to realise that perhaps my priorities have changed since I started and some of the things I had wanted to do then, I don’t care about as much anymore.

So I will say now that there is a good chance that I won’t complete most of the list but here is to giving it one final push before my birthday… and before that  I’ve got a holiday in Turkey and a road trip to The Tulip fields in The Netherlands to look forward to.


#1 Run a 5km race- Movember edition

This morning it was seriously cold, like my toes are numb in my trainers cold*, but I had signed up for a 5km Movember run so by golly I was going to do it.


This is my “I’m freezing so just take the damn picture!” face- Prerun of course

I turned up at Battersea Park and surrounded by fellow runners (some in quite clever costumes I may add)  we set of at 10am.


Passing the BF on the first lap, there’s always time for a photo

The race was two laps of Battersea park and I must say, never having been there before, it was pretty for the most part. Knowing I had run 5km easy the day before meant I was more then determined to finish and with a good time at that.


Token pose with the awesome medal afterwards

Ignore the timing above, I forgot to turn the Nike app off when I finished, so my official chip time was actually …26.49mins! I’m pretty pleased with that. I know I didn’t come anywhere near the front of the pack but just knowing how much better I am doing since I begun is worth it.

I’m hoping that by this time next year I will be sub 25 or doing 10km which is my next target. Any advice?


*yes I know it is due to get a lot colder

#1 Run a 5k Race- Pretty Muddy

Picture this… Sunday Morning 10am, 200 ladies lined up ready to run (the first wave of 9) & the starting gun went….


First up, Hay Barrel jumps


Under the net I go


And then over




Always ready for a photo… Even when on the run


And a slide to finish. Collecting my medal and water

There were a few I missed out on, like tunnels, webs, and hurdles but these were the ones my wonderful Boyfriend managed to chance me to catch. It wasn’t the best 5km I’ve ever run, and not making excuses but I hadn’t run in 3 weeks prior. But in the end I did it.  AND i came in 6th out of my wave which I thought was good.