Who am I?

Myanmar pagodaName: Jenna (Jen/ Jenjaroo)

Age: 25

Where:  After 4 years travelling and exploring Europe, I finally decided that, just in time for 2015, it was time to return home to New Zealand and see what I can achieve here.

The Adventures of Jenjaroo begun as a 25 before I turned 25 list and I had so much fun trying to achieve as many things as possible that I decided to give myself more time and more things to do and create a 30 before I’m 30 list

While The Adventures of Jenjaroo will still document my attempts at crossing trying to cross as many things off my list as possible, there’s so much more I look forward to sharing including trying to plan a wedding (wish me luck) and settling back into life in New Zealand (and trying to make the most of it)

I love hearing from reader so make sure you leave a comment or if you want to contact me check out my contact me page for all the different ways you can.

Tulip fields, NetherlandsWaterfall, Lake Como

Rooftop Bar in Turkey, Galata towerFrozen lake Reykjavik, IcelandIMG_8531


-Tulip fields in The Netherlands, Discovering a waterfall in Lake Como, Roof top bar in Turkey, jumping on an ice covered lake in Reykjavik, Iceland, Be Mine at Christmas in New York


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