#2 Visit 30 new places -Santorini

Days 3- 7


Our fist stop on our Greek Island hop was Santorini and I will say now it was my favourite of the lot.
We stayed in Fira at Markakis Studios. It was easy to find with the directions they gave us and only a short walk from the bus station, a supermarket and the centre of town. It also had a kitchen and a pool which is a big plus for me!

From the port it was easy to catch a bus into Fira, and soon after dropping our bags off we were ready to explore.
Now I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before but I don’t handle heat very well and even at 4pm it was still very warm which is probably why we didn’t end up completing our walk from Fira to Oia (we did do 2 hours of it tho and it turned out that I also had something sharp stuck in my jandle which was why my foot was hurting so much! Sorry for complaining so much Ad)

Fira from above

Fira from above

The next day, after a lazy morning by the pool, we decided to bus out to Oia to explore and hopefully manage to catch a glimpse of the famous sunset.

Bells in Oia

Bells in Oia


White washed buildings


The image of the three blue domes found on almost every postcar


At last sunset

Day three in Santorini and we finally got round to hiring a quad bike. We got one for £20 and with Ad driving, headed off towards our first beach of the day Parissa, or the black beach.
I wasn’t that fond of the red beach, and shortly after arriving we decided to head off to Kamari.

Relaxing at Kamari beach

Relaxing at Kamari beach

That night we met up with some friends for dinner who happened to be staying in Santorini as well.
Our last full day in Santorini was another lazy one where the morning was spent by the pool and in the afternoon we headed back to Parissa beach to play in the surf and soak up some more sun.
“we should buy a snorkel!”


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