Brunching Adventures: Sweet Vanilla KItchen

When looking for a place to live, distance to the nearest coffee/ brunch place is a key factor for me.

Imagine my delight then, while exploring the streets of Lower Hutt, I stumbled upon Sweet Vanilla Kitchen. So one Saturday morning we decided to venture there to try it out.

sweet vanilla kitchen lower hutt

After ordering food and coffee, we decided to take one of the tables in the back room. Little did we know this was where the kids toys were located and although good for keeping children occupied bad for those wanting a calm and quiet meal.

sweet vanilla kitchen

The drinks came quick and we were left to talk about the art on the walls and what room in the converted house we thought this use to be (I still think the lounge). The food finally arrived and boy did it look good. Ad had ordered the daily special of pancakes with banana and a salted caramel sauce. The pancakes were amazingly fluffy and the sauce very rich (maybe too rich for that time of the morning).

salted caramel pancakes

I had ordered off the menu board and went for sweet as well. Banana bread with fruit compote and greek yogurt. It was something a little different from what I normally get but I was not disappointed at all. The only slight change I would have made is serving the fruit warm rather then cold.

Banana bread

The food selection was large and varied (mince on toast everyone) and in my perspective seemed to have something for everyone.

Sadly we didn’t end up finding a place in Lower Hutt, but we did finally manage to find one in Petone, which offers even more choice for brunch!

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4 thoughts on “Brunching Adventures: Sweet Vanilla KItchen

  1. frockandroll says:

    Damn, these concoctions look mouth-wateringly good! Generous serves are always a welcome bonus too, haha.

    As an aside, it’s funny seeing how much Lower Hutt has changed! My family and I lived there (right on the corner of Cornwall Street, just a hop, skip and a jump away from Queensgate) before we moved to Australia for 15 years, and I definitely don’t remember there being any places like this around back then!

  2. Jacqueline says:

    I so understand this. We used to live next to the BEST cafe, Sweet Laurettes. Every Sunday morning, we would sleep in and then walk to the cafe. We would always get the same coffee and the same breakfast. It was our place and our thing. Since moving more than 5 years ago, we have not even come close to finding a substitute. Check it out:

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