Falling for Budapest

4 days is not nearly enough time to explore the wonder that is Budapest, Hungary.
It’s a city that has everything; history, architecture, nightlife and hot pools.

If you’re short on time, or just want to know a little bit more history about where you’re visiting then make sure to do one of the walking tours* that are offered. We did both a general one of Budapest and the Jewish Quarter.
For our Budapest tour, I found the tour guide really informative and nothing seemed off limits for when she was talking to us.
The tour took us from the flat side of Pest…


St. Stephen's Basilica

St. Stephen’s Basilica

Inside St. Stephen's Basilica

Inside St. Stephen’s Basilica

To the hilly side of Buda where the Palace is found.

Matthias church in Buda

Matthias church in Buda

The Jewish Quarter tour is exactly as it sounds, a tour of the Jewish Quarter. I had hoped that it would have covered a bit of the history outside the Quarter but no such luck. Saying that, it was interesting, it just seemed to be missing parts to it.

Like the Shoes on the Danube Bank

Like the Shoes on the Danube Bank

With the extra days we had we decided to spend on of them atone of Budapest’s many thermal pools which, up until visiting, I had not known existed. We went to Széchenyi Medicinal Bath which is located in the City Park. Since there were two of us, it was recommended that we get one locker and one cabin ticket, so we had somewhere private to get changed.wpid-20141018_132542.jpg
Let me just say now, this place was like a maze, we went through many doors trying to find our way to the outside pools but just kept coming across more inside ones. And they’re all different temperatures, so if you’re cold you can find a warmer one and vice versa. There’s also a sauna or you could pay for spa treatments.

During the weekend, the park is also home to a flea market where you can find almost anything for sale. There is also another castle here which houses a museum among other things.

And don’t forget the street art






Eating and drinking in Budapest is such an important pastime that I couldn’t fit it into this post, so watch this space.

Have you ever been to Budapest? What was your favourite thing to see or do?

Budapest parliament view


5 thoughts on “Falling for Budapest

  1. Michelle (@thetravelholic) says:

    I Love Budapest! I went early this year and I find it such an underrated city…I didn’t know too much about it beforehand but I was so impressed by how beautiful the city is! I also did a walking tour and learned so much from it! Me and my friends also learned early on our trip there that restaurants tend to be much cheaper than anywhere in Western Europe, so we ate pretty well there too 😛

    • jennafrey says:

      I didn’t know what to expect when we went, and your right it really is underrated, but judging by the amount of people it’s definitely starting to get a name for itself. I loved how cheap it was, for food and drink hahah

  2. Kerri (@bluehair_Be) says:

    We went to Budapest in 2011 and we spent (I think) 2 nights and 3 days there. Maybe 2 nights/2 days, I can’t remember. We really enjoyed the city and spent most of our time wandering around. We did visit the zoo which has been one of my favourite zoos I’ve ever been to. I don’t think we explored too deeply in the city and we didn’t try out one of the baths. We did camp rather than stay at a hotel which is always a little strange when it’s the city. I hope to go back next year, I have a conference for work and I want to extend the time to have a sneaky holiday too 🙂
    Great photos!

    • jennafrey says:

      We decided to use airbnb there which was cheaper then a hotel and worked really well for us since the location was amazing and we could make our own food and snacks if we wanted. Didn’t get to visit the zoo but I was happy with the baths

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