Celebrating St Martins Day in Riga, Latvia 

When exploring a new country it’s important to take part in cultural events… Even if you don’t really understand them.

St martins day latvia

St Martins day in Latvia, is celebrated on the 11th November and we just happened to be there to help. On the recommendation of the lady at the hostel, we headed out to the Ethnographic Open Air Museum. Only a tram ride and short walk from the old town. The lines were long and we had no idea what to expect very soon we were inside.

St Martins Day is a feast celebrating the start of winter and the end of fall when all the harvest had finished. Don’t be alarmed by those in costume… They are there to scare away the ghosts.

St Martins Day costumes

The days is filled with activities and things to enjoy. We did stilt walking (where we discovered I’m much better then Ad), tried some (disgusting) tea, brewed in a  large cauldron.  We watched live music that they then begun to play a game much like hopscotch to and we walked around a museum we otherwise wouldn’t have visited.

Stilt walkinglatvian hopscotchSt Martins TeaIMG_3931

The Ethnographic Open Air Museum is a forest filled with old cottages, buildings and even a windmill. On a cold winters day it may not seem very appealing, but add in the celebrations of St Martins Day and it’s definitely a goer. 

Riga forestskipping rocks

Have you ever got to participate in any cultural events that you learn about as you go?

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